Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Space Marine Progress

No list for the orks yet. The past few days have been busy getting more stuff ready for the wedding this summer. I leave for training in a little over a week, and so we are trying to cram in as much of it as we can now to get it done, as I do not want to dump everything on her.

Beyond that, I have almost completed my squad of Space Marines, so I will post up some pictures of them shortly when I am back home. I have been reading so many blogs lately, particularly on painting techniques, and something tells me I will be coming back to them. And buying yet more paint...

One thing I learned today from reading Eldar Jetbikes: Step-by-Step by Master Darksol is the importance of using more foundation paints in my work. I have been stymied recently on how to make my bright colors brighter, and in addition to switching to white primer, his walkthrough offers some great tips on building up to the color you want. If you are like me, and prefer even the brighter colors on the model a bit muted, he suggest go a color beyond what you want and wash it back down. This is something I am going to try on my next painting project after the SM.

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