Monday, March 8, 2010

Hobby Supporters

Given that my family is in town for the weekend and I am in the process of moving to a new apartment, there is little progress that has been made on the Boyz.  Still, I had a thought the other day that I decided was worth sharing here in lieu of a directly hobby-related post.

40k and Fantasy, whatever your poison, both require large amounts of money and time invested into the hobby.  Even if you tend to be more cautious with your purchases and go for deals on eBay, you can still spend a small fortune on miniatures.  Not to mention all of the materials that go with making a miniature, everything from paint to glue to scenery for the bases, as well as the rulebooks, codices, mission books, etc. that you need/want to play the game.  Long hours are spent assembling and painting the models, often in the garage, basement, study, or wherever you have found space to make your workstation.  Then there is the time spent at the gaming store playing games and hanging out with your buddies.

My point is that the hobby often takes us away from others.  Often you sit alone while assembling or painting, and your buddies at the gaming store, while close, are not always your best friends, to say nothing of a significant other, spouse, or kids that do not share the same hobby with you.  Yet often those individuals are those who support you, listen to you, and help you out.  They wait patiently into the car while you run into the store to get that one color you ran out of last night, or even come in with you to try to look around and understand.  They let you go on and on about how you finally mastered this painting technique, or about your latest conversion, or the coolest new release.  They let you disappear into your workshop for an hour or two, and let you have that time to yourself.  For some, they are being patient, and indulge your hobby because they know how important it is to you.  Others interact, ask questions, try to understand more about the hobby itself so that they can easily grasp the concepts when you talk about it in the future.

Say thanks.

Some of you might not think this relates to you, and maybe it honestly doesn't.  You might have all the time in the world, and therefore it is never an issue.  But if you are trying to balance work, a personal life, and a hobby, you will get busy, and every hour is valuable.  So appreciate those who let you have that time to yourself, and support you in your hobby.


  1. Here here.

    My wife is a saint for putting up with me, and I probably don't remind her of that enough. I'll do so tonight.


  2. Not a problem! It was as much self-realization in writing as it was a post to others.

    My fiancé consistently makes a serious effort to understand what she affectionately calls my Warhammer obsession. I cannot imagine trying to have this hobby and being with someone who did not like it. I know this is true for others, and so I will always be grateful.

  3. :) Workshop in progress. (That's what I decided to call our room!)

  4. Thanks love, it's nice to know you're setting it all up for me for when I get back from Lee!