Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ork Boyz

My next project is to knock out this box of Boyz that I purchased.  I specifically got the small box of 4 so that I can practice how I want to paint my Orks, and then be ready to duplicate it on all of the other Orks that I have.  They are currently taking a few minutes to dry after an application of primer, so I decided to write this out.

My "workstation" as it is now:

I am currently in a small, one-bedroom apartment, and so space is limited.  Given that neither my fiancé or I really watch TV, we have a TV stand in the living room but nothing on it.  When I decided I was going to dive into 40k miniatures, I quickly converted this one piece of available flat space into a place to paint.  White foamboard was purchased for a few dollars to give me a surface I could cut, chip or paint without causing any damage, a lamp to provide direct light, and voila, I was set.  You can see my Boyz are drying at the moment, and that I already have one standing to be painted.  Patience, virtue, ha.

My next few projects after the Boyz:


Warboss on top, then Lootas/Burnas and the Battleforce.  Not sure what I will tackle next, maybe just duplicate my painting assembly line on to the Boyz in the Battleforce. We shall see how I feel.  And with that, I am off to do some foundation painting.

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