Saturday, March 6, 2010

AoBR: Buy or Not?

As most of you know, Assault on Black Reach is the Warhammer 40k "starter" set, containing rulebook, dice, rulers, templates, Space Marines and Orks.  Many other players, when learning that I wanted to build an Ork army, suggested buying the set and then selling the Space Marines on Ebay.  While there is a chance to make money from this, that also takes more time for your money to come back to you.  In my opinion, the best bet is not to buy AoBR, but to buy from those people who do and are trying to unload the models.

Instead of spending 75 dollars, I spent 27 dollars on Ebay.  For that grand sum, I just received the Warboss, Boyz, Nobz, and Deffkoptas (all the Orks in the set) as well as the templates and rulebook.  While it may not have as many sprue options as buying them separately, it's a quick and cost-efficient way to fill out my Ork army.  This same concept applies for Space Marine players.  

No, I do not think that I am the first person to think of this.  Far from it.  I am just informing anyone who got the same advice I did about buying AoBR that a little time on Ebay will let you get what you want from the set at a much better price, and with less hassle.

My recently received loot:


  1. I bought 2 full copies my self. First copy the day it dropped and the second a week before the price went up to 75 just for a second set of all the minis. The orks are waiting for a use. I joke that they are going to be my daughters first army (she is 3 and a half now).

  2. Ah, what was the original price? Back when it first came out I was not even focused on the miniature side of 40k, but I think I remember it being $60.

    At least by the time she's old enough to play, she might have a starter army waiting for her. If you don't find a use for those Orks though, just let me know. I could always take them off your hands. No such thing as too many Orks...

  3. I am building a terminator army, so I use to buy the AoBR set, take the termies, and sell the rest on eBay. I did this about five time and each time I actually made a $15 - $20 profit.

    However, it was such a headache. There are too many idiots on eBay. People complaining that the rulebook looked used (straight from the box, buddy) to the fools who try to haggle the price AFTER the auction ended.

    Now I buy my termies from fools who do what I use to do.

    You made the right choice, my friend. Sanity is priceless.

  4. Inquisitor Lord Aki, that is exactly what I was afraid would happen for me. I have never sold anything on eBay, only bought, but I have seen people leave feedback like that. Some nitpick over every little detail, and look to find problems in anything. It is nice to know my suspicions about AoBR were well-founded.

    The profit is tempting as I could use it to further my army, but, as you noted, sanity is a better trade off in this case.